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Homeowners who rely on septic systems and/or well water know how important it is that their systems function properly at all times. Improper pump action, can lead to sewage back up in a septic system or the inability to draw clean water into the home from a ground well. Essentially, a pump failure marks the failure of the entire system. At All American Electric, our team of experts can install electrical wiring to power septic and well pumps as well as troubleshoot and diagnose associated electrical issues to ensure our customers’ systems continue running smoothly.  

Wiring a septic or well pump

There are 2 ways to connect a septic or well pump to a power source:

  • Rocket post- A rocket post is a small 4x4 post made of PVC located near the pump that sticks up about 1 foot out of the ground. This post can hold a receptacle on either side to which the pump and the pump float can be connected. The receptacle can be covered using a weather proof cover to protect the connection from the elements.

  • Underground splice kit- An underground splice kit gives owners a discreet power solution that does not disrupt the aesthetics of the yard. An underground splice kit requires an electrician to cut the pump cords and splice them to the wires coming directly from the power supply. In most cases, this is the main electrical panel or a sub-panel. These wires are then run, underground, and spliced out of sight. It should be noted that cutting the pump cord modifies the pump and therefore may void a pump’s warranty.

Attaching a pump float

Our experts are trained to wire pump floats that automatically turn on and off septic and well pump systems whenever the water level has reached a specified height. These floats must be installed at the right length and secured to a fixed position to ensure they operate correctly and do not tangle.

The plugs on the pump floats use what is called a “piggy-back in” connection. That means that the plug is designed with an extra “in” on the back. When the pump float is connected to the receptacle, the pump’s power cord is connected to the back of the “piggy-back in.” When the water rises to a certain level, the pump float switch turns on and powers the pump that is connected to it.

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