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Proper ventilation not only provides relief during hot summer months, it can also help protect the home from moisture and reduce energy costs. Here are some important things to consider when adding ventilation to any room.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to add a cool refreshing breeze to living rooms, bedrooms, and even outdoor spaces.  Not only do these mounted fans help circulate air, they also add visual interest and light to any room.

Ceiling fans are extremely energy efficient (pennies a day) and require far less energy than centralized air.  Before cranking down the thermostat to adjust the room temperature try first switching on the ceiling fans to recirculate the air. The effect may be surprising.  

Exhaust fans

Proper bathroom ventilation isn’t just a good idea, it’s required by many building codes. That’s because adequate ventilation helps prevent moisture from building up in the room, causing mold, mildew, or other damage. Exhaust fans help draw out moist air to keep bathrooms dry and smelling fresh.

The size of a bathroom determines the amount of power needed to properly ventilate the area. Exhaust power is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). A good rule of thumb is that 1 sq. foot of space requires 1 CFM. So, a 50 sq. foot bathroom requires a fan with a minimum 50 CFM. Large bathrooms may require multiple fans for adequate ventilation.

In addition to power, there are other things to consider when purchasing a bathroom exhaust fan like: style, noise-level, and HVI Certification (tested for quality). Remember to consider all of these factors when choosing the right fan for any space.

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