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A survey performed in 2012 by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) showed that 15% of pet guardians in the United States reported a pet missing that year. That number could be significantly less if more owners protected their pets with invisible electric fencing. Our team of experts at All American Electric, can help install a safe, humane, and discreet electric fence. Below are a few of the benefits associated with this unique type of pet protection.

Safety and security

According to Veterinary Centers of America, "Fenced-in dogs are less likely to be hit by vehicles, have fewer aggressive interactions with other dogs, have decreased exposure to contagious diseases, and are less available to pet thieves. While traditional fencing can provide some level of protection, resourceful dogs or cats can find ways under, over, or even through the fencing. Animals may dig beneath the fencing, find loose boards, holes, or open gates to squeeze through. Some animals may even be able to jump or climb over the fencing.

Invisible electric fencing does away with many of these potential escape routes. There are no holes to dig, no gates to be left open, and no way to escape over top. Once an animal has been shown the perimeter of the fence, they will soon recognize where he or she can and cannot go.

Humane protection

Many pet owners shudder at the idea of sending an electric shock to their pet and for that reason resist the idea of installing an invisible fence. However, pet owners should find solace in the fact that the animal’s remote collar transmits a high-pitched warning signal whenever the pet nears the underground wire. This high-pitched frequency tells the animal that they are nearing the edge of the property line and deters them from going any further. Once the animal has been trained to associate that signal with a shock, it is unlikely that they will proceed further, meaning they will very rarely receive any type of discomfort. It is also important to note that the intensity of the shock can be adjusted and the sensation expires immediately after the animal has returned to the permissible area of the yard.

Subtle security

Many suburban neighborhoods have strict guidelines on what type of fencing can be used along the property.  Sometimes, the allowable fencing styles do not align with the owner’s personal taste, or does not provide adequate security for a pet. Underground fencing complies with most HOA regulations and preserves the natural look of the property. In addition to aesthetic benefits, the cost of installing an electric fence is usually less than labor and materials for traditional fencing.

All American Electric can provide narrow shallow trenching of underground wire around the entire property. This helps preserve any existing  landscaping and causes little to no disruption of the yard’s aesthetics.  

Ready to secure both your yard and your pet with an underground electric fence? Give All American Electric a call to set up a free estimate with one of our expert team members. 410-479-1277